Win more deals with Unomy.

Research industries, discover new opportunities, gain in-depth insights, and sell faster than you ever thought possible.

Unomy for Sales Professionals

Whether you're an SDR, Account Executive, or Director of Sales, you're going to love using Unomy.

Unomy is not just another B2B database or another B2B sales productivity tool. Unomy is a 360° solution that amplifies your B2B sales efforts every day. Imagine being able to gain deeper understanding of your prospects before and after you interact with them, find the right decision makers, and win far more deals than you would have otherwise.

Instant Benefits:

  • Discover new business opportunities by industry, location, workforce, revenues, and more
  • Prioritize your prospects with targeted lists straight from our database
  • Enrich and refine existing leads and CRM records with up-to-date company data
  • Gain immediate insights right from your browser with Unomy's Chrome extension
  • Easily integrate Unomy to Salesforce to save time and boost productivity

Unomy for B2B marketing professionals

Amplify your company's B2B lead generation capabilities with Unomy's award-winning intelligence platform

Join thousands of B2B marketers using Unomy to target relevant customers, build smart lists, and use those lists to increase the effects of your marketing campaigns.

Instant Benefits:

  • Discover and identify relevant business accounts
  • Build effective marketing lists in minutes
  • Filter and Sort by industry, headcount, revenue, location, and other data points
  • Use your lists to improve the results of your email, remarketing, and account-based marketing activities

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